FPA Editor

This editor allows you to import binary FPA(Driving Profiles) datasets and make changes to it. You can upload raw binary file (4352 bytes) and XML datasets in VCP or ODIS format.

Frequently Asked Questions

The (3Q0907530Q and newer) gateway of your car can be flashed with datasets, that determine the behavior of the driving profiles. This tool is meant for customizing these datasets, so you can finetune everything to your needs.

  1. Upload your own dataset to the tool, or pick one of the example datasets as a base
  2. Make changes
  3. Save the file
  4. Flash the dataset with VCP or ODIS to your car*
  5. Enjoy the changes.

*If you don't know how to flash a dataset, please refer to the manual of your favorite tool (like VCP or ODIS).

It's not possible to "download' the dataset from your car. Instead, you can look in the list of example datasets for your car type and brand. Don't worry if you don't find your specific car. Most datasets can be used on multiple cars. For instance, a Passat dataset can also be used on Leon, Golf, GTI, GTE, Arteon, Superb, etc. Incompatibilities can occur, when you select a dataset that was meant for a car with a different mode-button setup than yours. For instance: Tiguan has a knob, while Passat has a button. Don't worry, your car will not be bricked when you flash a dataset which isn't compatible. Just flash another one, and try again.

If you have access to ODIS Online, you can get the exact same dataset for your car. ODIS saves the datasets here during parametrisations:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System_Service\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\bundles\114\data\dms2\

No. At least, not yet. I don't have enough information about 5Q0 datasets. If you have any examples from 5Q0 or older 3Q0 datasets and pictures from each Driving Profile screen (press the (i) button to get the detailed information on your screen!) from it, I can add support for them. But don't expect this to be done tomorrow: I'm not a company.

That's not possible, and I would probably be voiding some law if I offered you the means to do it. Go see your dealer if you want additional FECs. However, it IS possible to use a different name/graphic for any profile. For instance, if you have ECO mode, you can change it so RACE shows up on your screen instead.

It's not as straighforward as that, unfortunately. Setting RACE mode for a specific control and adding the request value for it, doesn't necessarily mean the control module you want to behave in RACE mode also understands this mode. In some cases, the firmare of a control (like Interior Engine Sound, Background lighting, Steering Assistance, ACC, DCC and others) offer support for more modes than you'll get from factory. This is pretty cool, because that means you can essentially unlock a hidden feature on the car.
To check if a control module is actually influenced by the Driving Profile, do the following:
  1. Go to your favorite OBD tool (like VCP, ODIS, VCDS, OBD11)
  2. Open a control module of your choice
  3. Go to live measurements (or whatever the mode is called in your tool that shows you live data of the module)
  4. Find a measurement channel that reads "Driving profile selection"
  5. See the specified value. This is the request value sent by the gateway and it should be identical to the value in your request values matrix.
  6. Compare it with the actual value. If the actual value changes when the specified value changes, it means this request value is compatible and supported.

or for some control modules you can check the live data of the Gateway (module 19):
  1. Go to your favorite OBD tool (like VCP, ODIS, VCDS, OBD11)
  2. Open module 19 (Gateway)
  3. Go to live measurements (or whatever the mode is called in your tool that shows you live data of the module)
  4. Find a measurement channel that reads "Status, driving profile selection for..." for the control module of your choice.
  5. See if the actual value changes when you select a specific mode. If the actual value changes to the value you set for a profile and control in the request values matrix, it means this request value is compatible and supported.

I'm not kidding... this kind of "questions" I get almost daily: People who hardly take the time to write a nice message and then expect that I spend time helping them. And they keep spamming me, getting more rude by the hour, demanding I help them, sometimes even sending threats.
Compare it to ordering food at a restaurant: Will you demand free food to be delivered NOW, and for free? And would you expect a quality meal, if you acted like that in a restaurant?
Don't forget: I'm a human being and I'm not some service you're paying for. Being nice doesn't cost a thing.

Yes I do, see here. However, there's no public repository for this site and these tools. There were a couple of cases where I saw my own work being sold by companies or shady individuals. If you are interested in having the sourcecode because you want to sell the tools, contact me via Github. Or if you are Volkswagen A.G. and want to hire me: contact my boss.

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